Suggested Reading for Students

These are all worthwhile articles that I've come across in my never-ending quest for information, inspiration and exercises. If you know of an article that is particularly worthwhile, please send it my way!

- Emily


Dressage, Biomechanics and Position
- Riding with a "Library Quiet" position - Jeremy Steinberg discusses subtle riding
- Harnessing Positive Tension to Improve Your Riding - an excerpt from Beth Baumert's wonderful book, "When Two Spines Alignn" discussing harnessing muscle tone to control balance and soften the aides. (Isometric tone)
- Finding your "Powerlines" - a second excerpt from Beth Baumert discussing effective, balanced riding.
- What Does "On The Bit" Really Mean? - Shedding light on the age-old phrase
- Building Your Dressage Horse's Topline - Recycling energy to build balance
- George Williams' Kindergarten Exercises - Learning to use the aides with awareness and intent (This article has LOTS of exercises and can seem overwhelming!)
- Lateral Movements - This article has great visual reference for the basic lateral movements seen in lower levels.
- Lateral Movements: A general Introduction - This article, by Thomas Ritter, is much more in-depth and covers all of the classical lateral movements

Equine Lameness and Psychology
- The Dreaded "Rein-Lame" - Tension in rider creating lameness in horse
- Alteration of Horse's Head and Neck Posture in Equitation - Technical article on the effects of various riding "styles" on horse's mechanical soundness (pdf)

Rider Fitness, Stretches and Yoga
- Thirty Days of Yoga with Adriene - This is by far the best program I've found to keep me fit, supple and strong for riding. I highly recommend giving it a try!
- Fit To Ride: Tack Room Yoga - Three yoga positions and their benefits to riders
- Adductor Strengthening Excercises - Simple exercises to improve adductor strength in the inner thighs.

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Saddle Fit
- Total Saddle Fit: The "B" Word - Billet Design and uses
- Total Saddle Fit: The Flocking Truth - Types of flocking and their uses